Late, Missed or Cancelled Sessions

In order to best facilitate use of the lab we ask to be informed of any schedule change requests or cancellations at least one day in advance of the scheduled use time. Except under extenuating circumstances, late or last minute cancellations will be billed for the hourly or 24 hour time period scheduled. The lab will make every reasonable attempt to ensure that the JEOL JXA-8200 is operational prior to the arrival and start of its scheduled use. The lab is not responsible for unforeseen equipment failure, and will make every attempt to keep the user informed of such events, and of the status of any required repairs that may affect user scheduled time

Damage to the Microprobe and/or Lab Facility

Physical damage to the JEOL JXA-8200 or other supportive lab facilities outside that normally encountered during use of the microprobe lab during analyses, and that normally expected during normal wear and tear of the instrument during operation, due to misuse or otherwise may be billable to the user. Those requiring outside JOEL technical support for repairs will be determined at that time as to cause and cost of the repair.

Sample Storage

Samples may be sent to the lab ahead of scheduled time. Carbon coating prior to the start of a scheduled session allows for maximum efficiency. Moreover, it is usually prudent to load samples into the instrument ahead of time to allow the vacuum to fully recover before beginning a run.

The lab is not responsible for any samples left on site without prior agreement. Due to limited storage capability, those samples left onsite without prior agreement may be discarded.