Bord test002HW-spherules1002
Examples of Secondary Electron (SE) Images. Top Left:a proximal view of a late Paleocene - early Eocene micro-fossil, Coccolithus sp;Top Right: Glass Spherule.

F7001SQ Glass6
Examples of Backscattered Electron Images (BSE). Top Left: Fe rich Micro-meteorite with quench textures; Top Right: Incipient crystallization of olivine in a MORB glass from the East Pacific Rise; Bottom Left: Lacy spinel in a basalt from Cerro Mercades, Costa Rica; Bottom Right: Dendritic ilmenites in a basalt from Sierra Negra, Galapagos Islands.

LacySpinel CM72 AlCrFeC CRYSTAL1 CaO 2Fernandina Ol
Examples of Elemental Mapping. Top Left: Multi-element map of a lacy spinel in a basalt from Cerro Mercades, Costa Rica; Ca map of a plagioclase grain from Mt. Saint Helens; Bottom: Mg, Fe and Si maps of an olivine grain from Isla Fernandina, Galapagos Islands.

EDSAnorthite Spectra
Examples of EDS Analysis: An EDS spectra of barite (left) and anorthite (right).