Useful Links for Turkana Basin Context

Turkana Stratigraphy

Bob Raynolds' wesite compiles maps, sections, and cross-sections of the basin

Turkana Basin Institute (TBI)


West Turkana Archaeological Project (WTAP)

mpk wtap

West Turkana Paleo Project (WTPP)


Lake Turkana imagery

A daily posting of the MODIS satellite imagery covering the Turkana Basin is available from the NASA website here (

The true-color Terra image at 250 m resolution is a 6.9 Mb file, but very useful. Jon Lacarrubba wrote an Automator workflow that crops this to our area of interest and is adaptable (available on request).

Lake Turkana lake level fluctuations

Satellite altimetry tracking variation in the surface level of Lake Turkana is posted bi-weekly at the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service site here (