Policy on Mutual Respect

We expect all faculty, staff, graduate students, and undergraduates will treat each other with respect and consideration. Every member of the lab is valued for their contributions, opinions, and voices independent of race, ethnicity, gender/sexual orientation, national origin, religion, social background, or physical abilities. We will not tolerate disrespect, belittlement, inappropriate jokes, or any negative comments about racial, ethnic, religious, gender/sexual preferences, or national group. We acknowledge and appreciate our different backgrounds and perspectives and encourage free and open scientific discourse among lab participants, with all opinions respected.

  • Each member of our lab group contributes to the overall success of the lab’s mission and every effort will be made to ensure that opportunity is not hindered.
  • Our mission is best carried out in an atmosphere where members at all levels value each other and treat each other with respect even in urgent and high-pressure situations.
  • Leadership should be role models in promoting this atmosphere of mutual respect, while continuing to hold all lab members accountable for effective performance.
  • All employees should be able to discuss issues of concern without fear those discussions will cause retaliation from any other lab member.

We encourage individuals who believe they are not being treated in accordance with the terms of this policy to bring their concerns to our attention or to the attention of the Chair, GPD, Student service, or the Office of Employment equity.