Ria Sarkar silo cropped joomlacopyRia Sarkar was a first-year student, undecided about her major, when she landed a work-study job at the Rutgers Geology Museum.

She enjoyed working there so much that she enrolled in an introductory geology course offered by the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, and taught by her supervisor at the museum, Lauren Neitzke Adamo.

“I connected right away with geology,” Sarkar said. “It was that sense of being aware of our natural surroundings and all the issues that are related to that."

“It became obvious to me that this would be my major.”

Sarkar, who graduated in 2016, is now applying her knowledge at Liberty Science Center she works as an interpretation associate, or educator, conducting experiments with kids and teaching them about amazing ecosystem just outside the center’s walls.

She is also planning to pursue graduate school.

“I feel really lucky I found something I am so passionate about,” she said. “My professors were really amazing, and all of the classes were designed so well. I was able to delve really deep into topics. I can’t wait to see what the graduate program offers.”