Field Requirement

All majors in the Geological Sciences option and the Environmental Geology option must take a minimum of 3 credits in field geology. Most students satisfy this requirement by taking an external field camp offered by many geoscience departments at other universities; ask the Undergraduate Program Director for guidance. Many students do the field training during the late spring / summer between junior and senior years.


Declaring the Major in Geological Sciences

  • Enroll in and complete Introductory Geology 01:460:101
  • Fill out an online major declaration form at myMajor by clicking here


Requirements of the Major in Geological Sciences

  • Acceptance into the Major in Geological Sciences requires a grade of C or higher in Introductory Geology 01:460:101, or its equivalent
  • Maintaining placement within the Major requires at least an average grade of C in all required core courses in Geological Sciences (01:460).



  • Introductory Geology is a prerequisite for all upper-level geology courses. Completion of this course with a grade of C or betteris required prior to the declaration of the major. 
  • Chemistry is a prerequisite for Mineralogy, which is a prerequisite for Petrology; it is also a prerequisite for Introduction to Geochemistry.
  • Physics is a prerequisite for Geophysics
  • Sedimentary Geology is a recommended prerequisite for Structural Geology and Geologic Maps.


Prof. Lauren Neitzke Adamo

Undergraduate Program Director

Wright Rieman Room 209

  • Office Number- (848) 932-7242


Prof. James Wright

Department Chair

Wright Rieman Room 242B

  • Office- (848) 445-0817