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 The Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences (EPS) explores the past, present and future of the Earth and other planets and moons in our solar system and beyond. Through education and research, we examine Earth and planetary interiors, surface environments, and life through time. The Earth and planetary sciences are interdisciplinary fields that draw on fundamental knowledge in physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics.

The EPS major covers the core areas of the Earth and planetary sciences yet still allows opportunity for students to specialize through additional high-level courses in EPS, mathematics, and allied sciences; students may also gain experience through independent study / research projects. The major can be completed in four semesters once students have taken foundational courses in mathematics and the cognate sciences. Our majors enjoy employment opportunities in geological and environmental consulting, the energy industry, government agencies, and secondary education as well as excellent placement in top graduate programs.

Overview of Options

The Department offers several options for students wishing to pursue either a major or minor in Earth and Planetary Sciences (formally known as Geological Sciences). Students should discuss with the Undergraduate Program Director or any other faculty member in EPS which option is best for them.

Geological Sciences Major Track

Planetary Sciences Major Track

Environmental Geology Major Track

General Option Major Track

Geological Sciences Minor

Astrobiology Minor

Geologic Field Camp

Honors and Independent Study Projects

Student Research