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Dr. Martha Oliver Withjack is a professor at Rutgers University and previously worked at Cities Service, Arco, and Mobil. She was an AAPG Distinguished Lecturer, a recipient of the J.C. "Cam" Sproule Memorial Award, a Distinguished Lecturer for the Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia, and a recipient of the Matson Memorial Award. She has worked on experimental models since 1980. Eisenstadt & Withjack (1995)

Dr. Roy W. Schlische is a professor at Rutgers University. He has more than 25 years of experience in structural geology, tectonics, and basin analysis. He has authored 60 scientific papers, and has been working on experimental models since 1996. He recently co-edited a special volume of the Journal of Structural Geology on "Fault Zones."

after Putra (2013)

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