Lewis C. Beck 1830-1853 professor of of chemistry and natural science Also was mineralogist for New York Geological Survey Head of department
George H. Cook 1853-1889 died 1889 taught mineralogy and geology became vice-president of Rutgers Professor of chemistry and natural history 1853-1867. State geologist 1864-1889. 1867 professor chemistry, natural history, agriculture. 1882 professor of geology and agriculture. Acquired Mannington Mastodon in 1870. Cook Collection Head of department
John C. Smock 1867-1885 Professor of Mining and Metallurgy
A.H. Chester 1891-1903 Chester Collection, Professor of Chemistry and Mineralogy, First curator of the Geological Museum 1892. Head of department
W.S. Valiant curator from 1897-1919  
Joseph V. Lewis 1903-1927, Professor of Geology and Mineralogy, wrote extensively on mineralogy, petrology, economic geology, Palisades diabase. Head of department 1903-1927
H.B. Kummel 1906-1934 State Geologist and lecturer at Rutgers
A.O. Hayes 1926-1951. Head of department 1928-1945 Studied the Wabana iron ores of Newfoundland. Geology department completely occupies Geology Hall. Physics shared it previously. Canfield Fund established 1928
A.C. Hawkins 1927-1933  
1931 Geology became a major department.
First B.S. in 1931
First M.S. in 1939
First Ph.D. in 1938
Between 1926-1945 geology courses expanded.
1940 Rowe Collection large number of Franklin minerals
Albert S. Wilkerson 1939-1963  
P.E. Wolfe 1945-1981  
1946-48 Department of Geology and Geography to assist geography that became department in 1948
J.H.C. Martens 1947-1966 Bureau of Mineral Research, Chairman 1961-1966
S.K. Fox 1948-1981  
W. Lodding 1949-1975  
B.L. Smith 1951-1974 acting Chair 1971-1972
H. Johnson 1951-1961 1945-1961 Chairman
1946-1961 Director of Bureau of Mineral Research
R.K. Olsson 1957-1997, Chair 1977-1996
T. Vogel 1963-1970  
D. Vogel 1970-1974  
M. Hamil 1972-1979  
R.C. Murray 1973-1977 Chair
M. Houston 1974-1975  
M.C. Carr 1974-  
R.C. Murray 1974-1977  
A. Tamburi 1974-1975  
R. Hewins 1975-2008  
E. Christofferson 1975-1980  
G.M. Ashley 1977-  
G.H. McGhee 1978-  
R. Forsythe 1980-1988  
C. Herzberg 1980-  
M.D. Feigenson 1981-  
J. Flynn 1982-1988  
R. Sheridan, 1986-2003  
K.G. Miller 1988-  
R, Schlische 1990-  
R. Sherrell 1992- joint with IMCS
P. Rona 1994- joint with IMCS
C. Feibel, 1997- joint with Anthropology
P Falkowski 1998- joint with IMCS
J.D. Wright 1998-  
M. Withjack 2000-  
C.O. Swisher 2001-  
G. Mountain 2001-  
Y. Rosenthal 2002-- joint with IMCS
M.-P. Aubry, 2006-  
Y. Fan-Reinfelder 2006- joint with Environmental Sciences
N. Yee 2007- joint with Environmental Sciences
V. Levin 2008-  
S. Severmann 2008- joint with IMCS