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Tornabene, Hope

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  • Position: Laboratory Researcher II, Earth and Planetary Science Isotope Laboratory Manager
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I am a cosmo/geochemist who is interested in understanding the chemical/isotopic structure and evolution of the early solar system and terrestrial planets. My work also focuses on instrumentation and method development, as well as modeling planetary formation.

I received my Bachelor and Master of Science degrees from the University of Maryland, College Park. In September, 2021, I joined the Earth and Planetary Science department at Rutgers University as the Earth and Planetary Science Isotope Laboratory Manager.


Tornabene, H.A., Hilton, C.D., Bermingham, K.R., Ash, R.D., Walker, R.J., (2020). Genetics, age and crystallization history of group IIC iron meteorites. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 288, 36-50