Geology of the Newark Rift Basin

Hartford-Newark Comparison

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BELOW: Inter-basin correlation. The lake-level cycles in the Towaco Formation of the Newark basin are also present in the East Berlin Formation of the Hartford basin. The geochemistry of the Holyoke Basalt is also the same as the Preakness Basalt, and the geochemistry of the Hampden Basalt is the same as the Hook Mountain Basalt. Modified from Olsen et al. (1989) and Olsen et al. (2005).

Inter-basin correlation

BELOW: Correlation between strata and lava flows from the Newark and Hartford basins. The three basalt flow units in the Hartford basin have essentially the same geochemistry as those in the Newark basin. The lake-level cycles in the sedimentary units are also similar, especially in the Towaco and East Berlin formations. The Newark basin section utilizes cores from the NBCP and ACE; the Hartford basin section utilizes both core and outcrop data. Modified from Whiteside et al. (2007).

Correlation between strata and lava flows from the Newark and Hartford basins

BELOW: Lake-level cycles in outcrop of the East Berlin Formation, Hartford rift basin, Cromwell, CT. Three lake-level cycles are present in this roadcut. The deepest-water deposits are black shales present at the two lamp-posts and to the right of the geologist at the center of the photo. The black shales are surrounded by gray mudstone, which in turn are surrounded by purple, beige, and red massive mudstones. Photo by Roy Schlische.

Lake-level cycles

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