Seismology Group

Seismology group at work in the field

Our group investigates the interior structure of the Earth, from the surface to the depths of a few 100 km, using waves produced within it by earthquakes.  We specialize in studies that take advantage of directional variability in observed earthquake signals to detect and describe texture of rocks at depth. We construct detailed descriptions of seismic “structure” of the Earth and use them to understand past and present processes within it. 

Most of our  research projects have a "regional" focus, in that we explore specific geological problems of a given region by means of imaging the interior of the Earth beneath it. Recent and ongoing work focused on Costa Rica, eastern North America, and western Australia

We have developed, and maintain, a suite of software for analysis and prediction of seismic waves. 

Our group operates a set of three portable broadband seismographs . See where they are now.





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