General Facilities

Research and Teaching Facilities

Noble Gas Lab WL-345 C. Swisher ,B. Turrin
Laser abalation ICP facility at IMCS IMCS Paul Field
Micromass Optima stable isotope mass spectrometer with multiprep for automated analysis of carbonate and water samples WL-233A James Wright, Rick Mortlock, Linda Godfrey
Class 10/100 clean room for geochemical sample preparation WL-343B Mark Feigenson
Electron microprobe for mineral analysis WL-330 Juliane Gross, Paul Berger
VG sector thermal-ionization mass spectrometer for isotope ratios WL-338 IMCS Mark Feigenson
ICP mass spectrometer WL-281
Gene Hall
Rob Sherrell
Plankton culturing and geochemistry lab IMCS Paul Falkowski
Petrology laboratory with several Deltech 1-atmosphere furnaces WL-348 Roger Hewins
Rock / Sample Preperation Lab WL-341 C. Swisher, B. Turrin
Scanning electron microscope for microphotography Biological Sciences, Nelson Labs  
Micropaleontology labs WL-243C, 233D; GSLB Ken Miller, Richard Olsson, Marie-Pierre Aubry, William Berggren
Sedimentology laboratory GSLB Gail Ashley
Iron Oxide Lab for spectroscopy & magnetism WL-215 Christopher Lepre
Experimental structural geology modeling laboratory, Computer-based seismic display and interpretation lab WL-235 Martha Withjack, Roy Schlische
Mineral, rock, and fossil collections Geology Museum Lauren Neitzke-Adamo
Computer laboratory: 4 PC's, 5 Powermacs, color flat-bed and slide scanner, hi-res B&W laserprinters, high resolution color laserprinter, 36" color plotter WL-115 Louis Lokuta
Field equipment: electronic total station, 2 hand-held GPS recievers, 2 automatic levels WL-239B Roy Schlische
Field vehicles: 2 4WD field vehicles, 2 15-passenger vans Lot 57 Ken Miller