Teaching Faculty Members

Sugarman, Peter

Image: Pete examining Expedition 313 cores in Bremen, Germany

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  • 1994 Ph.D. Rutgers University, Department of Geology. Thesis: Strontium isotope and sequence stratigraphy of the uppermost Campanian-Maestrichtian and Miocene, New Jersey. Kenneth G. Miller, advisor.
  • 1981 M.S. University of Delaware, Department of Geology. Thesis: The geological interpretation of gravity anomalies in the vicinity of Raritan Bay, New Jersey and New York. Allan M. Thompson, advisor.
  • 1977 B.A., University of Rochester, Department of Geology.


  • Undergraduate: Environmental Geology, Planet Earth

Research Interests

  • Stratigraphy of the Atlantic Coastal Plain: integration of facies, isotopic, and biostratigraphic data.
  • Sequence stratigraphy of passive margins.
  • Hydrogeology of the New Jersey Coastal Plain.
  • Cretaceous stratigraphy


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