• Doran, Krys
  • Position: PhD Student
  • Office: WL-202A
  • Research Interests: Lunar meteorites, lunar formation, petrology, mineralogy

Office: Wright-Rieman 202-A

Twitter: @KrystynaDoran


Current Research

I am studying lunar meteorites to help unravel the geochemical history of the Moon.



Dr. Katherine Bermingham

Dr. Juliane Gross


Research Interests

Geochemistry, Petrology, Planetary Formation



Rutgers University, NJ (2020-Present) Graduate Student

Central Michigan University, MI (2016-2019)

  • Senior Research Thesis: Chemical Compositional Variations of Minerals from Lithium-Bearing Pegmatites: A pXRF Investigation
  • Advisor: Dr. Mona-Liza C. Sirbescu


Teaching Experience

Organizer: Fall 2022, Spring and Fal 2023: Cosmos Cafe

Teaching Assistant: Spring 2022/2023 Mineralogy, Lab Lead

Teaching Assistant: Fall 2021 Planet Earth, under Dr. Brent Turin



Sirbescu, M.-L. C., Doran, K., Konieczka, V. A., Brennan, C. J., Kelly, N. M., Hill, T., Knapp, J., & Student, J. J. (2023). Trace element geochemistry of spodumene megacrystals: A combined portable-XRF and micro-XRF study. Chemical Geology, 621, 121371. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.chemgeo.2023.121371

Hlohowskyj, S.R., Sirbescu, M.C., Student, J.J., Hulsbosch, N., Chappaz, A., Doran, K.E., (2019). Trace-Element Distribution in Giant Spodumene Crystals in Granitic Pegmatites from the Black Hills, South Dakota And Newry, Maine [Abstract]. GSA Annual Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, USA – 2019. Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs. Vol. 51, No. 5. Paper No. 198-20. doi: 10.1130/abs/2019AM-339393

Gamet, N.G., Doran, K.E., Student, J.J., Sirbescu, M.C., (2020). Distribution Of Trace Elements in Spodumene: Insights from Preliminary P-XRF Results [Abstract]. GSA North-Central Section - 54th Annual Meeting – 2020. Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs. Vol. 52, No. 5. Paper No. 16-20. doi: 10.1130/abs/2020NC-348250



EVA Exercise at Meteor Crater – OCT 15-16, 2021

Virtual Science Operations Center Participant (LPI-CLSE/SSERVI)

Was a participant in a 2-day virtual lunar exploration simulation. Participants were divided into two teams. Dr. David Kring of LPI hiked in real-time at Meteor Crater, AZ to simulate an astronaut performing an EVA on the surface of the moon. Each team was given satellite imagery and tasked with creating mission goals and plotting a traverse course for the astronaut that would complete those goals. Teams communicated through a simulated science communicator to convey mission tasks to the astronaut. Teams observed each other’s EVA and attended debriefings on both days to discuss successes and challenges.


Field Experience

University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, Summer 2019


Professional Organizations

Amature Astronomers Inc. – 2023-present

Geologic Society of America – 2019-present

The Planetary Society – 2016-present

American Institute of Professional Geologists – 2016-present