Taylor, Aidan

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Petrology and Structural Geology

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I am a doctoral student combining a broad range of techniques to research on volcanics in Antarctica and structural problems in rift basins. 





  • J. VanTongeren, A. Taylor & B. Schoene, 2019. Solidification timescale for the Dufek Intrusion, Antarctica, determined by U-Pb zircon ages. GSA Annual Meeting 2019, GSA Abstract #337907.
  • A. Taylor, J. VanTongeren & B. Schoene, 2018. New crystallization ages for the Dufek Intrusion, Antarctica, quantified by high precision U-Pb zircon analyses. Wager & Brown Layered Igneous Rocks Workshop 2018, 13th International Platinum Symposium.
  • F. Rodriguez, A. Taylor, D. Roberts, K. McColm, D. Rodriguez, M. Garcia-Merino, E. Padron, F. Burns, G. Melian, I. Cabrera, M. Asensio-Ramos, P. Hernandez, N. Perez, 2018. Diffuse CO2 emission from the oceanic active volcanic island of Gran Canaria, Canary Islands. EGU General Assembly 2018, Geophysical Research Abstracts, Vol.20, Abstract 10481-4.


  • GEO 100/103: Introductory Geology
  • GEO 101: Planet Earth
  • GEO 302: Petrology


  • Research Assistant, Instituto Volcanológico de Canarias
  • Geoscientist, Nautilus Training/RPS Energy
  • Graduate Mining/Rock Mechanics Engineer, Golder Associates
  • Exploration Geologist, Anglo American


  • USA, Lehigh University '19 | ExxonMobil Exploration | Reservoir Characterization and Modeling.
  • USA, NJ, PA & NY '19 | Geology of the Newark Basin, ENAM and CAMP.
  • South Africa, Bushveld Complex ‘18 | UG1 Chromite (Dwars River) and Bugersfort Bulge.
  • USA, Wyoming & Montana '18 | Yellowstone volcanism and Stillwater Complex.
  • Spain, Gran Canaria '17 | Geochemical survey and geothermal exploration.
  • Canada, Bay of Fundy & Cape Breton '15 | Rift basins, passive margins and salt tectonics.
  • Greece, Gulf of Corinth '15 | (Corinth - Diakofto) Rift tectonics and normal faults.
  • Australia, WA & QLD '13 | Anglo American | Greenfield and brownfield exploration.
  • India, Himalayas '10 | (New Delhi - Leh) Tectonics of the Himalayas, geomorphology and geohazards.
  • Iceland, South Coast '09 | MOR tectonics and hotspot volcanism.
  • Kenya, Rift Valley '09 | (Nairobi - Marich Pass) Rift tectonics and field methods.


  • The George Rowe Award for Research in Mineralogy - 2018
  • Off-Campus Dissertation Development Award - 2018
  • Earth and Planetary Science Excellence Fellowship - 2018
  • Fellow of the Geological Society of London - 2015