Mattos, Caio

Office: 114 Geological Sciences Lab
Phone: (848) 445-2044





  • Rutgers University, NJ, Ph.D. Student
  • Fluminense Federal University, B.S. in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering, 2018
    • Undergraduate Thesis I: "Data collection for water quality modeling in the River Macacu Watershed"
    • Undergraduate Thesis II: "A hydrological model applied to a small, forested watershed: discharge predictions for different climatic scenarios"


  • Rutgers University Earth and Planetary Sciences

    • Teaching Assistant for GEO 414 - Hydrologic Processes

Honors and Awards

  • American Geophysical Union (AGU) - The Horton Research Award - 2018
    • Project: "Vegetation responses to groundwater in the Amazon"
  • Federal Government of Brazil/CAPES - The Science Without Borders Exchange Fellowship - 2014

Research Interests

  • Vegetation and groundwater: how does groundwater drive plant distribution?
  • Plant physiological traits: how do plants cope with water-related stresses?
  • Water and forest mortality: how do tropical forests respond to meteorological and hydrological droughts?

Advisor and Dissertation Committee

Meetings / Abstracts

  • Workshop - "Plant hydraulics, hydrological environments and tropical vegetation modeling" - Wageningen University, Netherlands - 2018