Verhagen, Christina

hydrothermal fluids
  • Chicxulub impact crater
  • Rochechouart impact crater
  • Advisor and Dissertation Committee

    • Dr. Sonia Tikoo
    • Dr. Dennis Kent
    • Dr. Juliane Gross
    • Dr. Jerome Gattacceca

    Meetings / Abstracts

      • Verhagen, C.M., Tikoo, S.M., Gross, J., Gattacceca, J., Kring, D.A., Schmieder, M., Morgan, J.V., Gulick, S.P.S. (2019). "Linking Paleomagnetism and Petrographic Observations to Long-lived Hydrothermal Activity at the Chicxulub Crater". U.S. San Francisco, CA, AGU 
      • Verhagen, C. M., Tikoo, S. M. (2018), “Magnetism of the Chicxulub Crater Lower Peak Ring” U.S., The Woodlands, TX, LPSC 49th.