Recent Publications

A thick crustal block revealed by reconstructions of early Mars highlands.

Sylvain Bouley, James Tuttle Keane, David Baratoux, Benoit Langlais, Isamu Matsuyama, Francois Costard, Roger Hewins, Valerie Payré, Violaine Sautter, Antoine Séjourné, Olivier Vanderhaeghe, Brigitte Zanda. (2020)

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Apatite trace element geochemistry and cathodoluminescent textures—A comparison between regional magmatism and the Pea Ridge IOA-REE and Boss IOCG deposits, southeastern Missouri iron metallogenic province, USA.

Mercer C., Watts K.E., & Gross J. (2019)

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Chemical and isotopic evolution of groundwater through the active Andean arc of Northern Chile.

L.V. Godfrey, C. Herrara, C. Gamboa, and R. Mathur (2019)

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The origin of solutes in groundwater in a hyper-arid environment: A chemical and multi-isotope approach in the Atacama Desert, Chile.

Carolina Gamboa, Linda Godfrey, Christian Herrera, Emilio Custodio, and Albert Soler (2019)

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A high-resolution climate history of geochemical and biological proxies from a tropical freshwater wetland located in the Kenyan Rift Valley. Journal of Africa Earth Sciences 162, 103703.

Goman, M.F., Ashley, G.M., Owen, R.B., Driese, S.G., Muasya. A.M., and Hover, V.C., (2020)

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Contrasting Regional Soil Alteration Across the Topographic Dichotomy of Mars. Doi.10.1029/2019GL084483

D.R. Hood, S. Karunatillake, O. Gasnault, A.J. Williams, B. Dutrow, L. Ojha, S. Kobs, K. Kim, J. Heldmann, and C. Fralick (2019)

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Constraints on Fe‐Oxide Formation in Monsoonal Vertisols of Pliocene Kenya Using Rock Magnetism and Spectroscopy. 2019GC008276

Christopher Lepre (2019)

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Depletion of Heat Producing Elements in the Martian Mantle. Doi:10.1029/2019GL085234

Lujendra Ojha, Saman Karimi, Kevin W. Lewis, Suzanne E. Smrekar, and Matt Siegler (2019)

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Localized Anisotropic Domains Beneath Eastern North America.

Yiran Li, Vadim Levin, Stephen Elkington, and Janine Hlavaty (2019)

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