Departmental Kudos

Xiaoran Chen awarded dissertation development funding

thumbnail XiaoranChen bannerXiaoran Chen has been awarded $2,000.00 in Off-Campus Dissertation Development funding by the School of Graduate Studies. This award will facilitate her research off the project "Seismic Data Analysis and Interpretation in West Australia Craton” which she will conduct over the summer of 2019 at the branch of Macquarie University in Perth, Australia. The project is a key element of the PhD thesis research project that Xiaoran has developed, aimed at comparing interior structure of two areas of extremely old continental lithosphere, one in North America and one in Australia. The work will be done in collaboration with Dr. Huaiyu Yuan of Macquarie University, and will be based on a set of seismological observations he has accumulated in the past decade, and which are not widely available for study by scientists outside Australia.