Departmental Kudos

Yu wins Cushman Foundation, GSA awards

yu cushman foundationCongratulations to Mark Yu (third year Ph.D. student), who received two research awards this summer. The William V. Sliter Research Award is sponsored by the Cushman foundation for foraminiferal research. Mark also received a Geological Society of America Graduate Research award. Mark’s work focuses on understanding the dynamics in the tropical thermocline waters of the Indian Ocean during the late Pleistocene. At play is separating the relative influences to the central equatorial Indian Ocean from the subantarctic mode waters from the Arabian Sea unpwelling.

The William V. Sliter Research Award is aimed at reconstructing the thermal structure and nutrient/ventilation history with stable isotope analyses of multiple species of foraminifera. The GSA award funds the collection of nitrogen isotope data to determine the extent of export denitrification in the Maldives Inner Sea from the oxygen minimum zone in the Arabian Sea. One important outcome from Mark’s work may be to understand the teleconnections from high regions to tropical climate variability.