599fd647 8dc1 4659 b28c 93801d302244In June of 2021 Prof. Neitzke Adamo and Prof. Levin were awarded $14000 by the Global Environmental Change Grant program jointly overseen by Rutgers Global and the EOAS. Titled "Dangerous while asleep: landslide and lava flows hazards of the dormant Barva volcano” the grant will support a collaboration with EPS PhD 2012 Prof. Paulo Ruiz at the University of Costa Rica. The study will collect new remote sensing (photogrammetry) data for the purpose of assessing the hazard of future landslides on the slopes of Barva volcano. Funds will purchase a new state of the art remote sensing data processing workstation, cover costs for collection of multiple hours of new photgrammetry data, and support an undergraduate research assistant who will work with these new tools and data.  Work on this grant will start this summer, so stay tuned for updates from the field and results.