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sophie b articleSophie Benaroya wins prestigious NASA and Lunar and Planetary Institute Summer Internship: Congratulations to Sophie Benaroya! Sophie has been selected for the highly prestigious and highly competitive 10-week summer intern program at the Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI) - NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC) in Houston, TX. This is a remarkable achievement for Sophie (and Rutgers as well!) as only 10 to 12 students worldwide are selected to participate in this program. As intern, Sophie will experience cutting-edge research in lunar and planetary sciences, work one-on-one with LPI and JSC scientists on a research project, and be able to preview possible career pathways in planetary science. Sophie will work with Dr. Julia Semprich to model low-grade metamorphic minerals for sedimentary bulk rock compositions which have been measured by the rover “Curiosity” at Gale Crater on Mars. Sediments on Mars at Gale Crater are expected to have significant low-grad metamorphic phases. Sophie’s project will help to identify these mineral phases and help to distinguish between those formed as a result of volcanic- or impact-induced hydrothermal systems or burial that exceeds diagenetic temperatures. We are excited that our own Rutgers EPS undergraduate student, Sophie, gets to experience such a wonderful opportunity. Well done and congratulations, Sophie, we are very proud of you!