Peter Graham

Name: Peter R Graham      

Major(s) and Minor: Geology

Year: 2010

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Cell: (609) 610-7467


Why did you choose X as your major?

I’ve always liked being outdoors and Geology is a good way to get outside and get paid for it.

What did you like most about it?

The class work was interesting and the small class sizes led to a comfortable and effective learning experience.

What is your current position, what do you, and what do you enjoy most about it?

I am a Project Geologist at Golder Associates (consulting and Engineering Services) in Newark, NJ. I enjoy that my job tasks vary highly from day to day and I have a flexible work schedule.

What was your first job after Rutgers and how did you get it?

After Rutgers I attended the Colorado School of Mines, working as a Teaching Assistant, while working towards a Master of Science in Geology. I was able to find and attend the master’s program at the Colorado School of Mines through assistance and recommendations of the professors who I worked with at Rutgers. Shortly after I graduated from Mines, I joined Golder Associates in New Jersey.

How did you move from that first job to your current position?

I have remained at the same company and used the knowledge I gained at Rutgers and in graduate school. I began working on field tasks, overseeing soil and groundwater investigations, I obtained professional licensure in Pennsylvania in 2016 and have become more involved in proposals, reporting, and other office tasks as my career has progressed.

Looking back, what classes or experiences at Rutgers would you point to as contributing to your successes?

I received an excellent geology education at Rutgers that has served me well, and the writing requirements at Rutgers prepared me well for graduate school and for my professional career.

What advice do you have for our current Arts and Sciences students?

Find a degree that leads to a job. While you should be interested in the topics you study, you also should study things that will lead to a job you enjoy.

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