Recent Publications

Northwest Africa 10414, a pigeonite cumulate shergottite. Doi:10.1111/maps.13374

R.H. Hewins, B. Zanda, S. Pont, and P.-M. Zanetta (2019)

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Initial 40Ar‐39Ar Ages of the Paleocene‐Eocene Boundary Impact Spherules. Doi:10.1029/2019GL082473

Morgan F. Schaller, Brent D. Turrin, Megan K. Fung, Miriam E. Katz, and Carl C. Swisher (2019)

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Reclassification of four aubrites as enstatite chondrite impact melts: Potential geochemical analogs for Mercury. Doi:10.1111/maps.13252

Arya Udry, Zoe E. Wilbur, Rachel R. Rahib, Francis M. McCubbin, Kathleen E. Vander Kaaden, Timothy J. McCoy, Karen Ziegler, Juliane Gross, Christopher Defelice, Logan Combs, and Brent D. Turrin (2019)

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Thornburg, J.D., Miller, K.G., Browning, J.V., Wright, J.D (2019)

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Peak sea level during the warm Pliocene: Errors, limitations, and constraints.

 Kenneth G. Miller, M.E. Raymo, J.V. Browning, Y. Rosenthal and J.D. Wright (2019)

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Mangrove Damage, Delayed Mortality, and Early Recovery Following Hurricane Irma at Two Landfall Sites in Southwest Florida, USA.

Kara R. Radabaugh, Ryan P. Moyer, Amanda R. Chappel, Emma E. Dontis, Christine E. Russo, Kristen M. Joyse, Melissa W. Bownik, Audrey H. Goeckner, and Nicole S. Khan (2019)

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Springs, palm groves, and the record of early hominins in Africa.

Doris Barboni, Gail M. Ashley, Benjamin Bourel, Hector Arráiz, Jean-Charles Mazur (2019)

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Jurassic Monster Polar Shift Confirmed by Sequential Paleopoles From Adria, Promontory of Africa.

Muttoni, G., and D. V. Kent (2019)

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Modal abundance, density and chemistry of micrometer-sized assemblages by advanced electron microscopy: Application to chondrites. Chemical Geology 514, 27–41.

Zanetta, P.M., Le Guillou, C., Leroux, H., Zanda, B., Hewins, R.H., Lewin, E. and Pont, S., (2019)

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Europa's ice tectonics: New insights from physical wax experiments with implications for subduction initiation and global resurfacing processes". Icarus, 321, 593-607.

Klaser, M. W., Gross, J., Tindall, S., Schlische, R. W., & Potter, C. J. (2019)

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