Recent Publications

Planktic foraminiferal Na/Ca: A potential proxy for seawater calcium concentration.

XiaoliZhouYair RosenthalLaura HaynesWeimin SiDavid EvansKuo-Fang HuangBärbel HönischJonathan Erez (2021)

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Anisotropic Layering and Seismic Body Waves: Deformation Gradients, Initial S-Polarizations, and Converted-Wave Birefringence. Pure Appl. Geophys.

Chen, X., Park, J. & Levin, V. (2021)

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40Ar/39Ar ages of Northwest Africa 7034 and Northwest Africa 7533 Meteoritics & Planetary Science.

Fara Lindsay (2021)

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Contracting eastern African C4 grasslands during the extinction of Paranthropus boisei.

Quinn, R.L., Lepre, C.J., (2021)

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Martian Magmatic Clay Minerals Forming Vesicles: Perfect Niches for Emerging Life?. Astrobiology 21, Number 7. DOI:10.1089/ast.2020.2345

Viennet, J.C., Bernard, S., Guillou, C.L., Sautter, V., Grégoire, B., Jambon, A., Pont, S., Beyssac, O., Zanda, B., Hewins, R. and Remusat, L. (2021) 

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Land-Grant Lessons for Anthropocene Universities. Climatic Change 165, 28.

Kopp, R. E. (2021)

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Common Era sea-level budgets along the U.S. Atlantic coast. Nat Commun 12, 1841.

Walker, J.S., Kopp, R.E., Shaw, T.A. et al (2021)

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Chasing the 400 kyr pacing of deep-marine sandy submarine fans: Middle Eocene Aínsa Basin, Spanish Pyrenees: Journal of the Geological Society, v. 178p. jgs2019-173.

Cantalejo, B., Pickering, K.T., Miller, K.G., and Mac Niocaill, C., (2020)

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Oxygen isotopes in authigenic clay minerals: Toward building a reliable salinity proxy.

D. Gebregiorgis, D. M. Deocampo, F. J. Longstaffe, A. Simpson, G.M. Ashley, E.J. Beverly, J.S. Delaney, and J. Cuadros (2020)

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A Candidate GSSP For The Base of The Anisian From KCIRA, Albania.

Giovanni Mattoni, Alda Nicola, Marco Balini, Miriam Katz, Morgan Schaller, Dennis V. Kent, Matteo Maron, Selam Meco, Roberto Rettori, Viktor Doda, and Shaquir Nazaj (2019)

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