Seismology People


Vadim Levin  (professor)


Xiaoran Chen (PhD Student)

Benjamin Dunham (MSc student)

Peter Skryzalin (Geology Major)

Yiran Li (Geology Major)


PAST MEMBERS and where they are now

Andrea Servali (Aresty Research Assistant 2014/15) Yale Graduate School
Michael Klaser (Aresty Research Assistant 2013/14) Rutgers MS candidateHead8
Ayda Shokoohi Razi 2016, Houston, TX, job hunting
Alex Nikulin, PhD 2011, Assistant Professor, SUNY-Binghampton 
Guochin (Dino) Huang, Post-Doc 2008-2011, Houston, TX
Benjamin Marshall, undergraduate researcher, 2009-2011, Albuquerque Seismic Lab
Helen Janiszewski, undergaduate researcher, 2011-2012, Honors thesis 2012, Columbia University graduate school
Maria Shakhnovich, undergraduate researcher, 2011, software industry, California
Peter Graham, undergraduate researcher, 2005-2006, Golder Associates, NJ