Sara Mana


Sara Mana Ph.D.

Rutgers University
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
610 Taylor Road
Piscataway, NJ 08854 U.S.A.

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  •  Ph.D. in Geology (Geochronology-Geochemistry)                                    Rutgers University               Oct 2013
  •  M.Sc. in Geology(Laurea Magistrale in Scienze Geologiche)                      University of Turin               Jul 2007
  •  B.Sc. in Geology  (Laurea Triennale in Scienze Geologiche)                      University of Turin               Jul 2005

Teaching Experience

  • Mineralogy                               – Lecturer, 1 semester, 20 students
  • Structural Geology                   – Lecturer, 1 semester, 30 students
  • Planet Earth                             – Lecturer, 1 semester, 100+ students
  • Natural Disasters                     – Lecturer, 1 semester, 200+ students
  • Earthquakes and Volcanoes     – Lecturer, 2 semesters, 45 students
  • Field Methods                           – Lecturer, 1 semester, 25 students
  • Field Analysis                           – Lecturer, 1 semester, 15 students
  • Introduction to Geology           – Laboratory instructor, 3 semesters, 20 students


   Academic Experience

2015-                Lecturer - Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences (Rutgers University)

2013-                Research Associate - Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences (Rutgers University)

2014-2015         Visiting Assistant Professor - Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences (University of Iowa)

2013-2014         Postdoctoral Research Associate - Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences
                         (University of Notre Dame)



  • S. Mana, P. Ruiz, A. Gutiérrez, 2015. Critical Zone in Tropical Environments. In: “Principles and Dynamics of the Critical Zone”. Elsevier, Earth Science Series, Vol. 19, Chap. 15, 471-494.
  • P.H. Donohue, A. Simonetti, E.C. Koeman, S. Mana, P.C. Burns, 2015. Nuclear forensic applications involving high spatial resolution analysis of Trinitite cross-sections. J. Radioanal. Nucl. Chem., doi: 10.1007/s10967-015-4097-2.
  • S. Mana, T. Furman, B.D. Turrin, M.D. Feigenson, C.C. Swisher III, 2015. Magmatic Activity across the East African North Tanzanian Divergence Zone. J. Geol. Soc. 172, 368-389, doi: 10.1144/jgs2014-072.
  • R.A. Volkert, M.D. Feigenson, S. Mana, L. Bolge, 2015. Late Neoproterozoic mafic dikes, New Jersey Highlands, USA: Implications for their mantle source and nature of the eastern Laurentian rifted margin in the north-central Appalachians. Lithos 212-215, 202-213, doi: 10.1016/j.lithos.2014.11.011.
  • S. Mana, T. Furman, M.J. Carr, G.F. Mollel, R.A. Mortlock, M.G. Feigenson, B. Turrin, C.C. Swisher III, 2012. Geochronology and Geochemistry of the Essimingor Volcano: Melting of Metasomatized Lithospheric Mantle Beneath the North Tanzanian Divergence zone (East African Rift). Lithos 155, 310–325, doi: 10.1016/j.lithos.2012.09.009.
  • A. Cicchino, E. Zanella, G. De Astis, R. Lanza, F. Lucchi, C.A. Tranne, G. Airoldi, S. Mana, 2011. Rock magnetism and compositional investigation of Brown Tuffs deposits at Lipari and Vulcano (Aeolian Islands — Italy). JVGR 208, 23-38, doi: 10.1016/j.jvolgeores.2011.08.007.

Meetings / Abstracts

  •  S. Mana, A. Simonetti, C. Wallace, E.C. Koeman, P.H. Donohue, P.C. Burns, 2014. Determination of Pu isotope systematics of Trinitite post-detonation material (GSA Vancouver, 33-4).

  •  S. Mana, A. Simonetti, E.C. Koeman, P.H. Donohue, P.C. Burns, 2014. Detailed textural, geochemical, and U-Pb geochronological investigation of detrital zircons within Trinitite post-detonation material (GSA Vancouver, 33-5).

  •  S. Mana, P.C. Burns, 2014. In-situ Raman Spectroscopy of Uranyl Peroxide Cage Clusters During Hydrothermal Reactions (GAC-MAC, talk).

  •  S. Mana, M.J. Carr, B.D. Turrin, C.C. Swisher III, 2013. Multi-stage magma migration across the North Tanzanian Divergence zone. AGU meeting, San Francisco (Talk T13G-04).

  • S. Mana, M.J. Carr, M.D. Feigenson, T. Furman, C.C. Swisher III, 2012. REE variation in alkaline mafic lavas across the Northern Tanzanian Divergence zone, a possible indicator of varying lithospheric thickness. AGU meeting, San Francisco (Talk).
  • B.W. Zimmer, C.M. Liutkus, S.K. Carmichael, B. Richmond, S.M. Hewitt, K.Hatala, W. Harcourt-Smith, A. Gordon, S. Mana, J. Brett, B. Pobiner, D.Green, A. Metallo, V.Rossi, K.J. McGinnis, 2012. A Snapshot in Time: Determining the age, environment, and social structures of early Homo sapiens using trace fossils in volcaniclastic rocks at the Engare Sero footprint site, Lake Natron, Tanzania. GSA Cordilleran Section Meeting.
  • S. Mana, T. Furman, M.J. Carr, G.F. Mollel, M.D. Feigenson, C.C. Swisher III, 2012. Magmatic Evolution of the North Tanzanian Divergence Zone: Evidence from Essimingor Volcano. MRAV (Magmatic Rifting & Active Volcanism meeting), Addis Ababa.
  • B.D.Turrin, C.C.Swisher III, S.Mana, 2011. Pressure dependent Mass Fractionation in Noble Gas Mass Spectrometers: a possible explaination for the excessive dispersion in the EARTHTIME Fish Canyon/Alder Creek Inter-Calibration Experiment. AGU meeting, San Francisco.
  • S. Mana , G.F.Mollel , M.J.Carr , T.Furman, C.C.Swisher III, 2011. Magmatic History and Rift Initiation in the North Tanzanian Divergence Zone, East African Rift System. EGU meeting, Vienna. Abstract EGU2011-558.
  • S. Mana , G.F.Mollel , M.J.Carr , T.Furman, C.C.Swisher III, 2010. Geochemistry and Geochronology of Miocene to Recent Volcanoes of the Northern Tanzanian Divergence Zone, East African Rift System. GeoPrism, RIE Implementation Workshop Santa Fe (New Mexico). Poster presentation.
  • S. Mana, G.F. Mollel, M.D. Feigenson, M.J. Carr, B. Turrin, T. Furman, C.C. Swisher III, 2009. Geochemistry and age of the Essimingor volcano, northern Tanzania (East Africa). AGU meeting, San Francisco. Paper number V13E-2075.

Research Interests

  • Geochronology
  • Geochemistry
  • Tectonics
  • Paleomagnetism