Graduate Courses

Economic Geology 16:460:501 (S) Prerequisite: 01:460:401 or 402 or equivalent. Geochemistry of hydrothermal ore deposits, including studies of alteration, ore mineral solubility, fluid inclusions, mass transfer, and stable and radiogenic isotopes. M. Feigenson
Studies in Paleontology 16:460:503 (F) Prerequisites: 01:460:303, 341, or equivalent. Topics include methods and case studies in systematics, evolution and extinction, paleogeography, paleoclimate, and other topics of current interest. Emphasis on the relationship between geological and biological processes.  
16:460:505 (F) Prerequisites: 01:460:340, 341. Topics of current interdisciplinary research in sedimentary geology. Sequence stratigraphy, facies models, sea-level change, unconformities/hiatuses, tectonics, climate change, evolution, mass extinctions. G. Ashley,
K. Miller,
G. McGhee
Structure and Formation of the Earth 16:460:506 (S) Prerequisites: 01:460:302, 307, 401, or permission of instructor. Topics of current research on the internal structure of the earth. Mantle structure, phase changes, seismic discontinuities, trace element/isotopic properties, mineral physics, core formation, meteorites, moons, asteroids. M. Feigenson,
C. Herzberg
Geodynamics 16:460:507 (S) Prerequisites: 01:460:307, 312. Topics of current research in structural geology, geophysics, and tectonics. Deformation of the crust and mantle; convection in the mantle and core; the gravity and magnetic field of the earth; plate tectonics and the origin of earthquakes and volcanoes. P. Rona, &
V. Levin
Mineral Phase Relations 16:460:508 (F) Prerequisite: 01:460:302. Free-energy diagrams and phase diagrams, equilibrium and kinetics, nucleation theory, undercooling, diffusion. Major groups of rock-forming minerals; comparison of laboratory data and theoretical models with assemblages, compositions, and morphologies actually observed in slowly cooled and rapidly cooled rocks. Staff
Meteoritics 16:460:509 (F) Prerequisite: 01:460:302 Petrology and geochemistry of meteorites, origin of solar system, thermal history of asteroids. Staff
Petrology 16:460:511 (S) Prerequisites: 01:460:301,302, or equivalent. Basic principles of thermodynamics applied to solid-solid and solid-liquid equilibria in silicate systems; igneous and metamorphic processes that structured the petrology of the earth's crust and mantle through time. C. Herzberg
Metamorphic Petrology 16:460:512 (S) Prerequisites: 01:460:301,302, or equivalent. Principles of thermodynamics applied to the stabilities of mineral assemblages in meta-igneous and meta-sedimentary rocks of the earth's crust; fluids in the crust; metamorphism and plate tectonics. C. Herzberg
Volcanology 16:460:513 (S) Prerequisite: 01:460:302 or equivalent. Geologic settings of volcanos; geophysical and geochemical constraints on the origin of magmas; energetics and periodicity; volcanos and earthquakes; eruption mechanisms; volcanic hazards and prediction; geothermal power and volcanogenic ore deposits.  M. Carr
Depositional Environments 16:460:514 (S) Prerequisite: 01:460:340 or equivalent. Examination of clastic depositional environments, with emphasis on sedimentary processes. Sediment sampling and analyzing; sedimentary structures; grain characteristics; facies models. G. Ashley
Advanced Tectonics 16:460:515 (F) Prerequisite: Structural geology. Examination of (1) the diversity of structural styles and tectonic settings worldwide using outcrop, well, and seismic data; (2) the results of geometric and experimental modeling; and (3) restoration techniques. M. Withjack
Advanced Structural Geology 16:460:516 (F) Lec. 2 hrs., lab. 3 hrs. Prerequisites: Structural geology, two terms of calculus, linear algebra. Advanced topics in structural geology including: extensional tectonics, fracture mechanics, fault-population systematics, and practical structural geology (seismic expression of structural styles, analogue modeling of geologic structures, and restoration of geologic structures). R. Schlische
Mesozoic-Cenozoic Stratigraphy 16:460:519 (F) Prerequisite: 01:460:341 Study of the Mesozoic-Cenozoic stratigraphic sequences in different basinal settings and relationship to tectonic history. K. Miller
Marine Sedimentology 16:460:525 (S) Prerequisite: 01:460:340 or equivalent. Examination of the physical processes of sedimentation on the continental shelf and continental slope environments. The interrelationship between organisms and sediment as well as environmental problems. G. Ashley
Paleoceanography 16:460:526 (F) Prerequisite: Paleontology. Paleoecology, paleoclimatology, and paleogeography of marine microfossils; study of major paleoceanographic events and their relationships to stratigraphy and sedimentary facies. K. Miller &
J. Wright
Groundwater Modeling 16:460:528 (F) Prerequisite: 460:428 (Hydrogeology) or equivalent. Procedures of setting up a numerical model of groundwater flow and transport using Visual Modflow and GMS Femwater. Ying Fan Reinfelder
Evolutionary Paleoecology 16:460:538 (S)16:460:538 Prerequisite: 01:460:303 or equivalent. Seminar on the evolution of ecological systems in geologic time; application of evolutionary theory to paleoecological patterns and processes. G. McGhee
Marine Geology 16:460:541 (F) Prerequisite: 01:460:341. Structure and evolution of ocean basins, continental margins, and marine sediments. K. Miller &
J. Wright
Isotope Geochemistry 16:460:551 (S) Prerequisite: 01:460:401 or equivalent Studies of stable and radiogenic isotopes in the earth's mantle and crust. The use of isotopes in age dating, source tracing, and geothermometry. M. Feigenson
Geophysics I 16:460:555 (F) Prerequisites: 01:460:307, 01:640:252, 01:750:204, or permission of instructor Theory and application of seismic refraction, seismic reflection, deep earth seismology, surface waves, and heat flow. Collection and interpretation of seismic data. G. Mountain
Geophysics II 16:460:556 (F) Prerequisites: 01:460:307, 01:640:252, 01:750:204, or permission of instructor Theory and application of gravity, magnetics, paleomagnetics, and electrical prospecting. Measurement and interpretation of potential field anomalies. G. Mountain
Numerical Methods in Paleoecology 16:460:560 (S) Prerequisite: Calculus and statistics, or permission of instructor Digital computational methods for paleoecologists and paleontologists; measurement systems and data transformation; statistics; discrete association and gradient analytic techniques for paleoecological research. Emphasis on applied data analysis. G. McGhee
Studies in Micropaleontology 16:460:561 (F) Prerequisites: 01:460:303, 341 Paleoecology and biostratigraphy of foraminifera; identification and interpretation of microscopic organic remains in rocks and sediments. R. Olsson
Advanced Studies in Geology (BA,BA) 16:460:601, 602   [Course may be taken more than once.] Special topics chosen each term. Recent topics include:
  • Sequence Stratigraphy
  • Extensional Tectonics
  • Fracture Mechanics
Seminar in Geology (BA) 16:460:611      
Research in Geology (BA,BA) 16:460:701,702      
Quaternary Studies Seminar 16:841:501   A multidisciplinary (geology, geography, biology, meteorology, oceanography, paleontology and soils) course focused on specific questions or problems related to the Quaternary time period.  
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